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Everything In Life Has A Melody

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Almost every person, place or thing I’ve ever encountered had a song attached to it. Sometimes it was a song of nature and sometimes it was a song of man… but nevertheless it was there. I have been lucky enough to hear life’s songs and I try to write them down when I can to share them with others. Sometimes that can have me up at some weird hours. Now, I know I’m up pretty late right now… but I have good reason: I’m inspired. Inspired to write a song for someone special.

The fact that I’m writing a song, or even that I’m up late might not be such a big deal, except for the fact that I haven’t been inspired to write a song for someone in a very long time. For the inspiration to come to me tonight is like visiting with an old friend I haven’t seen in months… I wouldn’t miss the opportunity. hands on piano

This song came to me like many of them do, at the piano. I was running my fingers across the piano keys haphazardly looking for a sound that stuck with me… and all at once there was this beautiful melody. Immediately this person’s image crowded my thoughts and the words began to flow from my mouth like water… I had to find something quickly to write it all down with before I lost it.

And that is the essence of song creation. 🙂

TLM: Riis

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Music is my passion. I dream music. When I hear music I can literally see the movement of the notes, the syncopation and the various instruments used play out in my head like an old silent film with a custom score. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a type of synesthesia. Music literally conjures imaged in my head. It is as much a part of me and as natural as breathing.

I began playing the piano at age 7. It wasn’t that my parents felt that all of their kids should learn an instrument. No, that story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting as the truth.  It all started because the brand new upright piano my parents bought for my older brother to practice on, sat in our living room untouched because he grew bored with the lessons he previously begged for.  I, on the other hand, was fascinated by this monstrous noise maker with the clangy black and white keys, and decided that since no one else was using it, I might as well teach myself to play.

And I did.

Slowly but surely I went from finger pecks to two-hand quad-chords. Pretty soon I was playing songs from the radio by ear. While I have never had a formal lesson,  I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a studio session musician, I’ve played in a few bands, and on good days I can play circles around as well as some of my friends who are trained musicians. I have also taught myself to play the drums, guitar and a little trumpet. Although little trumpets can be far more difficult to hold. 😉

Riis Playing Guitar

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