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Don’t Try This At Home… Or On The Freeway

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During my web travels, I occasionally come across the bizarre and absurd. An instance of which I will now present to you here for your horror and or/enjoyment.

So what’s been happening in the world of virtual eternity… ?

Well, this actually happened a couple years ago. But we all know the internet is timeless. So let’s not pretend. Instead, let the ensuing tale serve as a warning to any other aspiring bands out there who would make the mistake of thinking the following stunt is a good idea.

So here’s what took place…

Chaos broke out when a local unknown band called Imperial Stars tried to pull a U2 on one of the busiest freeways in Southern California. Yep. Some geniuses got the ridiculous idea to pull a truck across lanes and proceed to “jam on the roof” of their truck.



Have you ever been in L.A. traffic?!?

Dude, this is so NOT cool. :-/

This is for the homeless children!

What’s worse is your song is kinda lame. And all you got was arrested. That’s pretty much the definition of FAIL IMO.

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