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There’s No Such Thing As Christian Music

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I’m sure the title brought some of you here.  But before you go full-on into rant mode, allow me to explain…

Show me a definition of Christian Music that people agree on, and I guarantee it’ll be less about being “Christian” and more about the “music”. Simply stated, “Christian Music” and “Christian Musicians” are two VERY different things. The difference is that just as Christian musicians don’t exclusively write worship and praise songs, there are plenty of songs in the Christian market that are not written by those claiming Christ and salvation. So what is Christian Music? And does it exist at all?Christian-Music1

Well, let’s look at it this way… just because someone isn’t a Christian doesn’t mean they can’t be a tool in God’s hand. For instance, the gospel group Mary Mary have a song on their 2008 album  “The Sound” that features David Banner, a well-known rapper of the hardcore variety. Now I personally wouldn’t have chosen him to feature on a Gospel album because of the distraction his presence would bring and the potential to detract from what is being presented. Still, if God can use a donkey to convey a message, he can certainly use David Banner (and no, I’m NOT equating the rapper with an animal).  Besides, you’d be surprised to learn that some of the people who’ve written popular worship songs are not in the least bit Christian. They just happen to be very good songwriters.

The popular Christmas song “What Child Is This” is sung using the same melody as the old folk song “Greensleeves“. Did you know Greensleeves describes a man pining after his lover, one who some allege was a prostitute? It’s like writing lyrics for a Christian song and choosing “Knockin’ Da Boots” as the melody.

It’s interesting that here in America religious music is segregated on the radio, while in other parts of the world you could easily find gospel or CCM in rotation with current pop and R&B music. The key is to always make sure your devotion and adoration is toward God and not simply those He created.

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